A competent allocation of resources is an important talent standing in the balance with ability to earn these very resources. Therefore, the questions arising in the course of doing business are best trusted by specialists in their field. A tax consultant, a real estate attorney, an expert on interaction with foreign banks and many other employees of our company are ready to help you in doing business and achieving your goals.



Business Expert LLC successfully works in the field of business optimization. Our company offers comprehensive accounting, financial and legal services to small and medium-sized businesses. Business expert LLC supports enterprises at all stages of their activities.
Our company offers an individual approach to each client. Your time and convenience are the main criteria for us.

Accounting and tax consulting


Current Russian legislation in the field of accounting and taxation is ambiguous and unstable. The contradictions that exist in it lead to inevitable discrepancies and, as a rule, do not allow a direct answer to the controversial and complex questions. In this situation, it is difficult to even a qualified accountant to make the right decision. That is why professional consultations of outside experts in the field of accounting and taxation are always in demand and relevant.
Within accounting and tax consulting and with the help of our specialists you can:

1. Choose the optimal scheme of building of the company's activities (from the tax and other points of view)
2. Analyze the contractual work with counterparties
3. Carry out a local audit of a tax or a particular transaction.
4. Check the correctness of determination of taxation base for calculation of taxes and assessment of justification of calculating tax obligations.
5. Prepare practical recommendations for reducing the tax burden.
6. Prepare legal opinions on tax issues and acts of tax control measures.
7. Obtain clarification of legislation on types of tax offenses and liability for their commission.
8. Bring the accounting documentation of the company in line with the requirements of legislation
9. Organize prosecution of guilty persons for the loss of documents, ignorance of accounting and the damage caused.